Monday, 23 April 2018

Optimization of Blog post leads to Higher Ranking

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A lot of bloggers are not able to make use of the marketing potential that blogs have, companies do have blogs, but some of them do not update their blog frequently. It is vital to provide relevant and fresh blog posts, and should take advantage of the benefits of blogging.

Look into the some Search Engine Optimization tips to make sure your blog stands out.

You should do a research on the keywords needed, because keywords are required for page optimization. There are various tools and also techniques to find out the keywords that are relevant for the blog post. Semrush and Google Adwords keyword tool are great tools to find the right keywords, you can also check the phrases or words used in your competitors’ website, to target and drive web traffic to your website.

Use of keywords
You need to target some relevant and valuable keywords, it is crucial to place these keywords in the right place, so that it has an impact on the audience and on search engines. You can use these keywords in titles or headings, the introductory paragraph, conclusion and for meta descriptions. Do not fill your blog with keywords, use it more strategically.

If you plan to upload a photo or image, ensure, to include the keywords, also write a short description rich in keyword about the photo.

Whenever you plan to mention or write about another article or blogger, you should also take in the link with relevant information that you have been referring. Links with good quality is valuable for rankings on search engine.

Provide free subscription to your blog post through email marketing. Audience should be able to get instant notifications about the latest type of blog post or content.

Social media
Social media websites can create connections with all your customers, both current and potential. Facebook, Google and Twitter are Social Media Marketing websites, and the right platform to post your blog post or link.

Thursday, 19 April 2018

The different pillars that is needed for a Good Content

With blogs, the big challenge that one has to face is, trying to decide on what to write and whether it will have an impact or not.

Online marketing is getting competitive and companies want to make sure, they get a return on the time, money and efforts invested in creating content. The success of your blog depends on the different content pillars. These pillars will help in achieving your goals. So, let us have a look at the different pillars.

Understanding what is it your audience is looking for?
Apply a strategy that will make sure your blog is according to the preference, needs and wants of your current and potential customers. Social media is where appropriate topics are shared. This will give you lots of ideas for your content. Good ideas can transform your blog or content.

Trends that can drive web traffic
To ensure, your blog is optimised for various search engines, you should focus on trending topics, strategically try and capitalise on trends related to your industry, the content should be appealing that can attract traffic through client’s reference from Social Media Marketing and also from Google.

What is it that makes your brand?
Users like brand that can relate with them. You need to explore and analyse different issues and also give your view on matters related to your brand and you, this will give a personal touch and ease the bonding between users and your business.

Do not sell your brand, answer questions first
Clients or users want to see content that is focused on the brand and answers all their queries; this is what will drive online sales. The content should be informative and never start the content by selling the product; this will not increase your sales. Answer the queries of the people and create appealing topics to keep users engaged.

Never hesitate to draw stimulation from your competitors and work out a strategy that can do much better. Be aware, of what all your competitors are doing, to reach out to the same audience. Also analyse all the topics written by your competitors.

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Monday, 16 April 2018

Some interesting Digital Marketing Strategies that will boost your Online Sales

Each goal needs a different strategy; you cannot have the same strategy for all the goals, strategy are important because it sets the way that is needed by the company or business to achieve their goals.

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Let’s have a look at some interesting Digital Marketing Strategies that will help to grab the attention of potential customers and to boost online sales.

The most accepted marketing trend is to create value, for all customers. The main focus of Content or Inbound marketing is, to create value. Earlier, the company or the brand ruled the market, but, now things are different, it has changed a lot.  Today, the consumers or buyers are the king of the market. To create value, you can offer content or some material that is useful, like, e-book or blogs or infographics or videos, etc. All these will help in solving each and every problem of customers, this will also help the company by enhancing their products and services. 

You need to make content for each and every stage of the purchasing process, either talk or mention your brand at the decision making stage, not before, because customers will not see or understand the value that you’re offering.

Automate several actions that are connected to a process, with a goal of converting visitor to buyer. This entirely is the workflow. This strategy will help save time and is very effective in pushing online sales. If a customer adds your product to the shopping list or cart. Then, suddenly thinks of leaving the website without purchasing anything. The company with automated system, will send a mail to the customer, highlighting the good points about the product and also sending them testimonials from different customers who have already purchased the product.

Advertising online 
Compare to other two strategies, online advertising strategy is much more simple, cost effective and more effectual. To increase the visibility of your brand, you have platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google. In this strategy, you need to pay only for the results. To boost sales, the campaign should be focused on conversion. Online advertising also has measuring tools, to calculate the return on investment and the effectiveness of the ad. Digital Marketing Strategies by Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

E-commerce should invest on a Mobile Application

There has been a huge growth in E-commerce. The need for a mobile app to encourage E-commerce is really needed. Since, more and more people are spending a lot of their time on mobile phones, you need to shift and give the mobile phone more preference. Developing a mobile app will provide brands an opportunity to, make sure their customers have a wonderful shopping experience. Mobile app can also create awareness, grab the attention of potential customers, retain customers and also understand the buying behaviour of customers.

Customers shopping behaviour
Recently, people have seen a huge increase in online shopping; more and more people want to spend on the digital platform. It is very vital for business to develop a mobile app to, give all their customers a modified shopping experience. 

Companies need a good responsive website. It takes very little time to build a responsive website. Mobile websites should maintain a certain level of functionality and quality; this is what users prefer from website. To ensure, your customers have a great mobile experience, you need some good strategies, you should also keep in mind the problems customers face with, usability and performance issues, making it difficult for users to complete the entire purchasing process. Mobile Application can be functional and appealing; it can help in tracking and also enhance the online shopping experience, a great way to increase the profits of a business.

To give your users a wonderful and complete shopping experience, you can add features, like, the GPS, camera and Apple or Android Pay. With the help of GPS you can get the location of the store. Users also get information related to products and services and about any offers or sale or discount. Online payment can boost the functionality. Mobile camera gives way to augmented reality; you preview how the furniture will look in your house, even which outfit will suit you best, which makeup is good for you. Mobile apps should use all the features in a smart phone efficiently. Personalization will help you to stand out among other brands.

Collecting data of buying pattern or history, personal likes, demographic profile and browsing pattern, this data will help boost sales. Mobile Application Development Service provided by Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Monday, 9 April 2018

A Review Good or Poor is a necessity for your Business

Customer’s comments do matter a lot, and in the last few years, due to online rating and search engines, these platforms has shown us the importance of customer feedback or review.

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Reviews are similar to word of mouth publicity, reviews from customers can influence the decision making of potential customers.

Reviews do matter
A positive review always establishes trust, these days, a lot of people decide on the basis of online reviews. These reviews from customers are a personal opinion or recommendation. Potential customers may select your company or brand over your competitors. 

Get reviews
Reviews can be collected from various sources from the web. It is Google and Facebook that can offer a high visibility for your brand. Google and Facebook appear a lot on search engines; hence, you should look for reviews from these two sources.

Collecting reviews is important
It is important to collect reviews; otherwise, it will affect your business. Since, most people trust the reviews they see online, this makes it crucial for you to, either defeat or measure up with your competitors. Customers should be able to find reviews instantaneously on search engine result.

Must ask for reviews
Reviews can improve the sales and profit of your business, with not much cost. Getting a flow of good reviews or feedback, will make sure your brand does well and will also enhance the visibility of your brand.

How to ask?
You can either send a mail to your customer or ask your customer directly, asking your customer directly works better. This can be done over a phone call or with the help of a personalized mail. 

Never ignore any bad review
Poor or bad reviews are unavoidable, you always respond to such reviews, and never ignore them. You should amicably resolve the issue, because a bad or poor review can lead to a negative impact on your business.

Reputation of your business
It is vital to respond to all reviews, whether positive or poor. Managing reviews is not an easy task. It is crucial to reduce bad reviews and promote more positive reviews, which in turn will boost your business.

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Thursday, 5 April 2018

The crucial elements needed for your SEO strategy

With so many new trends, for the year 2018, you need to focus on the key search engine optimisation trends. The essential elements for a good Search Engine Optimisation ranking are, rich and good quality content, right keywords and back links. These tactics have played an important part, in search engine optimisation and will be continue to stay even, in this year 2018. Besides these long lasting trends, you need to focus on the new or latest search engine optimisation trends that will make sure your online presence will be strong not only for this year but also for the next year.

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User experience should be superb
A Search Engine Optimisation strategy is of no use, if the visitor visits your website and leaves in a couple to minutes. It is very crucial to provide a great user experience on your company website. Your website should have quick load time, should be mobile friendly, have user interface and easy to navigate design. The main aim of any business website is to grab the attention of a large number of visitors and get as many conversions as possible. UX is a vital search engine optimisation trend for the year 2018. The latest launch by Google is the UX optimisation platform. Focusing on the best user experience for the website, will help in pushing the rank higher, during search engine results

Voice search
The most important trend for the year 2018 is voice search. Look around at the fast paced or rapidly growing technology, such as, Amazon’s Alexa, Google voice search and Apple’s Siri. In some time, you will see the voice search dominate the market. Very soon you will have to implement voice search as part of your SEO strategy.

Need to ensure your website is mobile friendly, should work on the content, Web Design and user experience for all mobile users.

For your ranking on Google search results, Snippet can be really useful, getting your website to a valuable position and help with organic visibility. A lot of SEO or Digital Marketing experts agree to snippets becoming more and more widespread, especially on Google search engine result.

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Different ways that can improve Downloads of your Mobile Application

For all those planning to launch or start a new Mobile Application. Are you curious about the working of the application and need to know how the application will succeed? To succeed, you need to increase the number of application downloads, for this, one should implement some useful mobile application promotional strategies, let us see the different ways that can improve downloads of your mobile application.

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Enhance the application store optimisation
Let’s begin with the benefits of application store optimisation or ASO. It will boost the visibility of your Mobile Application; increase in visibility will make sure, more users are able to see your application in the store, increasing the number of downloads naturally.

Though ASO is popular, still many application marketers and developers are not using it. High time that you make use of the benefits, of this cost effective method, to boost the application downloads.

Build an online presence
To increase the number of downloads, you need to create an awareness of your brand and also push the online presence of your app. For all this, creating a landing page or a unique or appealing website is very important. You can hire a Traj Infotech, a professional Digital Marketing Service Provide, to build your website. The content should be shareable, interesting and valuable. Building social presence is vital; ensure to have a Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook account and a LinkedIn profile. 

Your App should be free at launch 
One more good strategy is, to ensure that your app is free at the time of launch, this will increase the number of downloads, and making your app free for a few days, will encourage more and more users to use your mobile application. 

Review and rating by users
Getting a positive or good review and rating will improve the number of downloads. Less reviews or a low rating will affect your conversion rate. App with a lot of positive review and rating will achieve best results.

The last method is, to get more and more people to talk or discuss about your mobile application, it will create brand awareness and build your brand reputation, and leading to an increase in your mobile application downloads. Mobile App Development Service provider - Traj Infotech Pvt Ltd.

Optimization of Blog post leads to Higher Ranking

A lot of bloggers are not able to make use of the marketing potential that blogs have, companies do have blogs, but some of them...